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As you’ve no doubt worked out by now, we love record shops. Whether big or small, rocking a minimalist aesthetic or packing enough vinyl into their overflowing crates to wear down several lifetime’s worth of needles, we love how each and every one has something special in store for its customers. From the quirkiest locals to the big, gig-hosting powerhouses, every thirty-odd days we pick one to be our Record Store of the Month. They get a tasty gift from the Record Tokens team, and you get to discover the best independent record shops this country has to offer – it’s a win-win!


November's Record Store of the Month: Beyond Vinyl, Newcastle upon Tyne


Beyond Vinyl

This month we’re celebrating local’s favourite Beyond Vinyl! They’ve opened in Newcastle’s city centre in 2018 and relocated to the west end of the city this year.

Owner David told us:

“We moved into the beautiful Art Deco building, The John Marley Centre, in March 2023, which has been everything from a school to music college, and is now a creative centre for the arts, music and so much more.

It's just a few miles from the city centre and just off the A1 and have plenty of free parking on site."

He also shared a fun fact about the new location and his connection with the building:

“In 1994 the John Marley Centre opened as a Music Tech and Media Studio college and I was one of the 1st students to attend. I attended from 1994-1996 and studied Music Technology. Mark Knophler was the guest of honour at the official opening of the music college."

They welcome vinyl fans with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and plenty of records to dig into.

“We stock pre-owned and new vinyl & everything from B.B. King, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Nirvana to Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Sam Fender. Though midnight openings are a thing of the past we opened at midnight in 2019 & 2021 for the release of Newcastle artist, Sam Fender's two studio albums.

"My go-to album is either Check Your Head or Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys, but I’m also known to spin some old school pop music like New Kids On The Block or Backstreet Boys." 



They’ve also shared their incredible plans – creating a real hub for music lovers and supporting the local community:

“We are also going to be opening a music venue, comedy club and a music production/recording studio on site over the coming months including Beyond Music Academy, which will help local teenagers from underfunded areas get access to a variety of workshops and courses from music production, songwriting, performance and so much more!”

They’ve been among the first record shops to offer Record Tokens to local music lovers and we're delighted to have them as one of our retailers:

"Record Tokens are a great way for friends and families to gift something that will bring so much joy to whoever the recipient is, as they can come in to a record store and hunt out something for themselves.

Record Tokens are also a great and safe way for customers to save up for records at Christmas, Record Store Day and those special edition box sets they want."

Congratulations to the team, who have been sent a selection of refreshing beer to enjoy.


You can find Beyond Vinyl at The John Marley Centre, Unit 212B/212C, Newcastle. If you're local, be sure to head on over and give them a visit – and don't forget your Record Tokens!


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