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What can I do if my Gift Card has been lost or stolen?

We always try to replace lost or stolen Record Token gift cards; unfortunately we can only do this if:

  • You can provide an image of the gift card receipt
  • You know your gift card number (this should be on the receipt)
  • The value is still on the gift card

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What can I do if I have a faulty Gift Card?

If your Record Token Gift Card cannot be swiped or read when you try to use it in store it could be that the magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card is damaged.

We can replace faulty Gift Cards - please submit a query below.

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My Gift Card has not been activated

We are really sorry if your Gift Card has not been properly activated, in order for us to find out why and hopefully send you a replacement, we need:

  • Your Record Token Gift Card number
  • Information that tells us the Gift Card value and where and when the Gift Card was purchased – this should be on the Gift Card receipt
  • If you do not have a receipt it would really help if you can find out and let us know the time and place of purchase

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My Gift Card needs consolidating for online use

If you have multiple gift cards and want to consolidate please submit a query below.

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General Record Tokens Query

Many questions you have can be answered in our FAQs.  If you still need assistance you can contact us by submitting a query below.

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Record Store Retailers

If you are a Record store, please go to the Record store retailers Zone.


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