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Where can Record Tokens be bought and exchanged?

Record Token gift cards are sold and exchanged in selected record stores across the UK . Search for your nearest record store here.

Record Tokens can also be redeemed online Click here to see where

Can Record Tokens be used to buy Records online?


Record Tokens can be spent online at selected independent record store websites Click here to see where


What can Record Tokens be exchanged for?

Record Tokens can be exchanged for music CDs, vinyl and cassettes.

Do Record Token Gift Cards have an expiry date?

If the card is not used for a period of 96 consecutive months (8 years) the card may be rendered inactive and you will not be able to use it.  (It is our current policy to replace expired gift cards)

To ensure that a Gift Card remains active, you either need to use it to make a purchase, have it topped up or simply do a balance enquiry. 

Are there terms and conditions for the Record Tokens Gift Card?

Yes, please click here to view the specific terms and conditions which apply to the Record Token Gift Card.

Can change be given for a Record Token?

If you have a gift card, and the value of your purchase is less than the value on the card, the balance remains on the card for future purchases. They cannot be exchanged for cash in record stores and change will not be given.

How do I use my Record Token Gift Card?

Simply take your gift card to the till and use it as you would any gift voucher. The record store will deduct your purchase amount from the gift card’s value and give the gift card back to you. The gift card can be used any number of times until all the balance is used.

How much money can I put on a Record Token Gift Card?

Record Token Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount from a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £250

Can Record Token Gift Cards be topped up with value?

Record Token gift cards can be topped up with any amount up to the maximum value of £250, by taking your gift card to your nearest record shop where you can put more value on it. Find your nearest record store here.

Do I have to spend the entire Gift Card’s value at once?

No, you can spend as much of the gift card’s value as you like, whenever you like. Any remaining balance will stay on the gift card until your next purchase.

How do I check my Record Token Gift Card’s balance?

You can check your Record Tokens Gift Card value at any time. You will need your gift card’s PIN for this which can be found on the reverse of the card, in the top right corner under a scratch-off panel. You can check your gift card’s value by using the online Balance Enquiry, by asking in-store at your nearest record store or by phoning 0845 602 7423.

What do I do if I have a faulty or declined Gift Card?

If your Record Token Gift Card cannot be swiped or read when you try to use it in store it could be that the magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card is damaged.

We can replace faulty Gift Cards - please submit a query below.

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What happens if my Record Tokens Gift Card is lost or stolen?

We always try to replace lost or stolen Record Token gift cards; unfortunately we can only do this if:

  • You can provide an image of the gift card receipt
  • You know your gift card number (this should be on the receipt)
  • The value is still on the gift card

Please note, there is a £3.50 administration fee for this service

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My Gift Card has not been activated

We are really sorry if your Gift Card has not been properly activated, in order for us to find out why and hopefully send you a replacement, we need:

  • Your Record Tokens Gift Card number
  • Information that tells us the Gift Card value and where and when the Gift Card was purchased – this should be on the Gift Card receipt
  • If you do not have a receipt it would really help if you can find out and let us know the time and place of purchase

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Can I buy Record Tokens in bulk?

Record Tokens can be purchased in bulk (a minimum purchase applies) for use in any incentive initiative, staff motivation, reward, as a simple thank you or for prize giving. For further details, please click here


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