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We all know that nothing beats the feeling of finding the perfect record. Treat your dad or a father figure in your life with the gift of choosing their next record.

To celebrate Father’s Day we’re offering free delivery for online orders, just use the code VINYLDAD at the checkout.

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Thank you for the music

There’s so much we can say thank you for when it comes to dads – funky dance moves, well-timed jokes – but best of all, some great records. The team at Record Tokens shared their discoveries and paid tribute to their dads for introducing them to some unique records and music genres that otherwise may have slipped under their radar.



Growing up in the 80s and 90s, cassettes and radio were my main sources of musical delight – and my dad’s vinyl collection felt like a mysterious and wonderful new world. I was particularly obsessed with his Iron Maiden LPs – the artwork was simultaneously thrilling and terrifying, and I remember the almost illicit feeling of browsing the racks to discover the weird and wonderful adventures of Eddie once I was old enough to visit the local independent record shop by myself. As a teen, Brave New World became an instant favourite – and an album we could enjoy together.

What I loved about vinyl above all other formats was how special it felt – every listen was like going on a wondrous journey. Another favourite from my dad’s collection was In the Land of Grey and Pink by Caravan – a test pressing of which I was thrilled to receive as a wedding present from a particularly thoughtful friend!






I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a record spinning in the background in our household, whenever my dad was at home. Getting home from school and stepping in the house, I would always stop and listen for a moment to hear the day’s tune, and my dad would playfully quiz me on the music or the band – often unimpressed by my lack of knowledge, ‘What are they teaching you at school?’ he would ask.

His extensive vinyl collection covered all genres and I’ve discovered many weird and wonderful records. One that stands out to me is Oxygène by Jean-Michel Jarre. I wasn’t familiar with that kind of electronic music but I was instantly hooked. Following this, I listened to Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and it probably explains why I’m such a massive Daft Punk fan today. Thanks dad!






By the time I was smart enough to listen to my dad’s music recommendations (“This isn’t just old people music!”) I’d already discovered David Bowie. When he gave me a copy of Young Americans, I assumed that he’d picked it at random, that it was a B-Tier record he’d picked up because he’d heard me raving about Ziggy Stardust. But once I finally deigned to put it on the turntable, it became not just my favourite Bowie album (give or take a Station to Station) but a record I come back to more than almost anything else. Dad: I’m an idiot, you were right, Young Americans rules.


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