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Welcome to our regular feature in which we ask the great and good of the music industry - from independent record shop owners and staff to artists and more - for the five records that make their lives complete.


Heavy Rapids

Five Records We Can't Live Without - Heavy Rapids


This May, with Record Store Day now just a memory, we've interviewed a band whose lives have changed in its wake. Heavy Rapids are an up-and-coming band from Glasgow, whose punk-inspired rock 'n' roll saw them crowned as this year's Record Store Day Unsigned winners. Record Store Day with Sound Performance will be releasing the band's music on vinyl, ready for Proper Music to distribute it to independent record shops across the UK.

Each member of the band has picked the one record they just couldn't live without - from the albums that introduced them to punk in the first place, to the records that made them dream of making it big. Read all about their choices below, and join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #5records - plus don't forget to save up some Record Tokens to buy their first label release when it hits an indie near you!







Dark Side of the Moon

Johnny Boyd picks: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd 

"Pink Floyd are one of the first bands I started really listening to in my early teens and Dark Side of The Moon has always remained in my top five albums of all time. The constant mystic energy felt throughout the album as each track blends into the next is staggering. It's always one to stick on when life's feeling turned inside out. Helps to bring me home. "









Jamie Crawford picks: Quadrophenia by the Who


"I've been brought up listening to this band for as long as my ears have functioned but as my music taste has changed and evolved until now my favourite album has remained this one. Anytime I'm feeling a bit lost I'll listen to it front to back and always feel like I've been rehabilitated at the end. Timeless bliss."









Dillon Squire picks: Doolittle by Pixies


"Listening to the album gave me a great sense of dynamics and how they can effectively make different sections of a record stand out. I love how simple and weird the lyrics are about common issues too, music can’t always change reality but it can give you an escape."








London Calling

Antony Becirspahic picks: London Calling by The Clash


"This was my first proper introduction to punk music. The album's a belter from start till end thanks to the fact that they were so much more than just a punk band."









Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Band favourite: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not by Arctic Monkeys


"No young and aspiring guitar music musician hasn't looked up to Arctic Monkeys and dreamt of such success. Their debut album encapsulates the young and hungry attitude that took four boys into the big leagues."









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